Build fast, responsive sites with Nuxt and Bootstrap

Powerful, extensible, and feature-packed frontend toolkit. Build and customize with Sass, utilize prebuilt grid system and components, and bring projects to life with powerful Vue scripts.

npx nuxi@latest module add usebootstrap
Read the docs

Get started any way you want

Jump right into building with Bootstrap—use the CDN, install it via package manager.

Read installation docs

Install via package manager

Install use-bootstrap’s source Vue Components files via npm. Package managed installs don’t include Bootstrap SCSS files.

npx nuxi@latest module add usebootstrap

Read our installation docs for more info and additional package managers.

Powerful Vue Components

Add toggleable hidden elements, modals and offcanvas menus, popovers and tooltips, and so much.

Learn more about use-bootstrap Components

Vue Composition API

Why write more JavaScript when you can write HTML? Nearly all of Bootstrap's JavaScript plugins feature a first-class data API, allowing you to use JavaScript just by adding data attributes.

    <DropdownToggle button="primary">
        v-for="item in [1,2,3]"